Frequently Asked Questions


·         Students are always suggested to check their ERP for the registered courses after every activity, i.e., Registration, DTC, Addition, Substitution and Withdrawal.

·         Regular Registration Date is 1st August and 12th January for First and second semester registration respectively, unless they are holiday.

·         LATE Registration takes place always after a week from the date of regular registration date if that is not a holiday.

·         Impersonation of any kind in registration process, amendment and withdrawal is punishable (Discipline related) and students are requested to refrain from it.

Project type courses

1.   Can a student add a project type course?

This is possible, provided the Instruction Division allots him/her the project. However, the addition is not guaranteed by the allotment. The student should make a separate application at the AUGS/AGSR Division in the prescribed form during specified dates.

2.   Can a student withdraw from a project type course?

Yes. But it needs the permission of project instructor and Dean, ID. So that same course will not be alloted to you next semester.

3.   Can a student repeat a project type course?

No. Project type courses are not allowed to repeat as per academic regulation.

4.   I have applied for a project type course in ID and have been sanctioned. Do I need to register for it in AUGSD?

Yes. Unless you register for any course with AUGSD, including projects, you are not considered to be pursuing it.

5.   How many Project course can I pursue in my BITS tenure?

Maximum limit is 05 (five) in total. Out of which (03) three can be considered for DEL if appropriate courses are taken correctly referring to the Discipline elective pool.

Course Addition

1.   Can we drop a course taken by addition?


2.   How many courses can a student add after date of registration and within amendment dates ?

Normally, one, if sanctioned by the Dean ID and Associate Dean AUGSD.

Course Substitution

1.   Can we drop a course which was taken by substitution?


2.   How many courses can a student substitute?

Amendments are allowed only for EL courses. Thus a student can substitute any number of EL courses.

3.   Can a student withdraw from a project type course?

Yes. But it needs the permission of project instructor and Dean, ID. So that same course will not be alloted to you next semester.


Course Withdrawal

1.   Can a course being repeated be withdrawn? In such a case would the previous grade uphold?


2.   Can my previous grade in compulsory core course uphold if I get NC grade during repeat attempt?

Then NC will be your grade

3.   Does repeating or withdrawing a course affect one’s chance of getting a distinction?


Repeating a course

1.   If a course is repeated which of the two grades will appear in the grade sheet?

The Latest grade in the course/project will be considered as the final grade of the student in that course/project but, both the grades are printed in the transcript.

For example if a student is gets C grade in particular course and after repeating he gets D in the same course then D is considered.

2.   Does repeating or withdrawing a course affect one’s chance of getting a distinction?

No. However, if someone is competing for Medal then he should not repeat, should not get NC/RC in any course.

3.   How do I repeat a course? Is there any specific procedure that I need to follow? Do I need special permissions?

There is no special procedure/permission required to repeat a course. One just needs to register for the course on the day of registration. As resources are limited, request for increase in seats to include these students are not entertained. Therefore, students are discouraged to apply for repeat courses during amendments. The latest grade will be considered the final grade.

4.   Can a student repeat a project type course?

No. Project type courses are not allowed to repeat as per academic regulation.

5.   Can a project-type course be repeated?

No. That is not allowed.



1.   Can I do a project type course (3 units) with my 9- unit thesis? Would I be eligible to take 2 such project type courses, going along the lines that one may be allowed to take two project type courses in final semester?

No. It will be allowed on case by case basis if the project courses do not have any bearing with the thesis topic. And guides in these cases should be different.

2.   Can a student pursue an interdisciplinary thesis?

Yes. In this regard permission from HOD/DRC/DCA is necessary from both the departments.

3.   Can a student take extra units with a 16-unit thesis?


4.   Can a first degree student with a single degree pursue 2 TS/ 2 PS or 1 TS + 1 PS?


5.   Why is PS-1 being shown as a frozen course?

For thesis stream (TS) students PS-I is treated as frozen as this course will be treated as an open elective later when the student will get a valid grade in his thesis.

6.   What is summer term registration?

A student is allowed to summer term registration during Summer. Summer term registration is allowed for exceptional circumstances with Dean ID’s permission. During summer term registration a student is allowed to take maximum three courses and limited to 10 units.

General questions regarding electives   

1.   Can a student take a CDC of other discipline as an elective?

Yes, provided the student has fulfilled all the pre-requisites and he/she should have completed one set of his/her CDC's or registered for CDC's in the current semester.

2.   Can a first degree student take a higher degree course?

Yes. A first degree student can take a higher degree course if the student has CGPA more than 7 and has fulfilled all the pre-requisites. He/she should have completed one set of his/her CDC's or registered for CDC's in the current semester. Registration for such a course is possible with the permission of the Dean, ID. In a semester he/she cannot take more than 1 (one) higher degree course.

3.   How many projects can a student do?

A final year student can do two projects in a semester. But the other students can do only one project in a semester. Can a student register in two Study Projects/Lab Projects/Design Projects/Special projects/Reading Course/TIC projects?

A student cannot do two SOPs or LOPs in a semester. However, the student can do them in two different semesters.

4.   Is it possible for A, B group students to take the electives offered for C group and vice-versa? 

They can do so only if the course is not offered with any equivalent course code in their respective groups.

5.   Are audit courses counted as open electives? Do they contribute to the CGPA?

Audit courses are not letter-graded. So they don’t contribute to the CGPA.

6.   Are higher degree courses of my discipline considered discipline elective for me, or shall they be counted as ‘open’?

Those courses will be counted as Discipline electives (DEL) only if courses are declared as discipline electives (available in Bulletin) otherwise those will be treated as open electives.

7.   What is the date and duration for Substitution/Amendments?

Substitution/Amendment request is generally operated two weeks after the date of registration. However, one should check the AUGSD notice board to know the exact dates for a particular semester.

8.   Can a student do more electives than the number required for degree completion?

A maximum of four electives are allowed over and above the prescribed number of electives.

9.   How many audit courses are allowed per semester?

A student is not allowed to take more than two audit courses in a semester as per regulation.


Degree/semester requirement

1.   What is the maximum number of courses or units that can be taken in a semester? Does it depend on the number of courses or the number of units?

It is dependent on the number of units, not courses. A minimum of 16 and maximum of 25 units are allowed per semester.


2.   I’m completing the number of unit requirements of my electives, but they are 4-unit/ 5-unit courses – thus leaving slots blank in my eligibility sheet. Am I allowed to do that without generating backlog? Or am I supposed to complete the given number of courses too?

You need to fulfill both unit and number of courses requirement. If you have an EL slot empty then that will treated as Backlog.


3.   If a student completes all the course requirements (except TS/PS) by the end of 3-2, then what are the consequences?

The student may graduate after completion of TS/PS in 3 ˝ years. However a student may be permitted to register for at most one additional semester with prior permission of HOD and Dean, ARPD and ID.

4.   How many units are required for a student to graduate?

The graduation requirements of every discipline are mentioned in the AUGSD Website

5.   What is the breakup of the HUEL/DEL/OEL units & courses required as a minimum for the completion of one’s degree?

This is specific for each degree and mentioned in the respective chart in the academic bulletin. It is also available in AUGSD Website.



1.   When is the late registration generally held in a semester? What is the general procedure for going through with it?

Late registration takes place nearly a week after the day of registration. One should take prior permission of Associate Dean AUGSD for late-registration. If someone donot take prior permission then he may be denied registration in that semester.

2.   Can pre-registered courses by substituted out?

Pre-registration is a procedure to validate the system and know the possible errors beforehand. It is not compulsory to take the same courses on the day of registration.

3.   If a student gets a NC grade, does he need to repeat that course?

If it is a structured course (that is, a course mentioned in his chart) then he needs to repeat it. But if it is an elective, he need not repeat if the prescribed number of electives of that category (Disipline/Open/Humanities) are complete.

4.   Where can I find the pre-requisites of a course?

The prerequisites of courses are available in the Timetable booklet/AUGSD website.

5.   What is meant by unaccounted courses?

Unaccounted course are courses more than stipulated for graduation but grades of these courses are used for CGPA calculation.

6.   What makes a single degree student come under ACB?

A CGPA less than 4.5/ ‘E’ grade in two or more number of courses/ 2/3 no. of structured courses are not cleared.

7.   What is meaning of stuck off the rolls?

If a student fails to register in a semester without any prior permission to stay way, his/her name would be struck of the rolls of the institute. He will no longer remain as a student of the institute.


Higher Degree:

1.   Can a higher degree student take additional courses than the prescribed number mentioned in the bulletin?

A higher degree student can take one extra elective every semester.

2.   Can a higher degree student take a course from other discipline as an elective?

Yes. But it needs permission from the Departmental Committee on Academics of one’s department and the department in which the desired course is offered.

3.   What makes a higher degree student come under ACB?

A CGPA less than 5.5 or an ‘E’ grade in any course.



1.   If a student is off-campus, how can he/she apply for transcripts?

A student can apply by visiting AUGSD website or else by sending requests through post.

2.   How can I get issued a ‘likely to graduate’ certificate?

For likely to graduate certificate contact AUGSD office with your letter.

3.   What is the procedure /principle for name correction?

The name of a student that appears on grade sheet or transcript is as per the name available in class XII certificate. For continuing students any deviation from name available in class XII certificate should be pointed out with a written request to AUGSD. For graduated student this process is not allowed.